Marble is a natural stone that has been loved for ages. Marble’s strength and aesthetic have made it an ideal material for multiple applications; from architecture to art work and now modern countertops. Marble is a timeless classic in any setting. 

Marble is a metamorphic rock that started as limestone that changed due to intense heat and pressure. This process alters the crystalline structure as well as introduces other minerals which produces Marbles characteristic veining and varying colors. 

"Few things say 'elegance' in a home like marble"

Marble is known for its snowy or satiny look. Marble is a calcareous stone, meaning it is made mainly of calcium carbonate. Because of its mineral makeup, marble is VERY sensitive to acidic substances such as citrus, wine, vinegar and tomatoes. Exposure to acidic elements can cause etching. Even when properly sealed, marble can and will etch, although sealing can help slow the etching process. 

Marble will never stop changing, even after cutting, polishing and installing. Over time marble develops a charming patina due to etching and scratching, the older the counter top the more character it develops. Marble will tell a story wherever it is applied.  

Is Marble Right For You? 

Marble isn’t for everyone, fully understanding marble and being realistic about your expectations for your stone application is key to making the best decision for you and your home. Marble requires more care, maintenance and attention than other stones. No matter how much love and care you give marble, due to its soft nature, it will scratch, etch and dull. Some people love the truly ever changing finish of marble but if you are looking with for a consistent high sheen finish, maybe consider some of the other stones we offer instead of marble for your project.

Marble Edges


1/4″ Top & Bottom

Half Bullnose


Full Bullnose

Flat Ogee

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