Soapstone is a natural stone, known for its smooth matte finish and natural warmth. Soapstone is versatile, it fits well with classic or contemporary styles in both residential and commercial applications.  

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, meaning it is formed by intense heat and pressure as well as chemical changes. It is non porous and naturally resistant to bacteria growth as well as water, chemicals and staining. Soapstone has limited but beautiful color variations, most being black, gray, brown and bluish or greenish gray. 

"Soapstone is sophisticated and adds an element of class and elegance to any room"

Soapstone is a very unique stone. Its satiny or “soapy” feel comes from the talc it is made of. Soapstone can have anywhere from 30-50% talc content. Because it is composed largely of talc, soapstone is VERY soft and will scratch easily. Although soft, soapstone is very dense, so dense that it is almost impenetrable, it also doesn’t need to be sealed due to its density. Soapstone can withstand direct heat (up to 500° F) without a trivet or pot holder unlike other stones that may thermal shock or discolor when exposed to direct heat. 

Is Soapstone Right For You? 

Soapstone may not be for everyone. Weighing in on what some may consider negatives vs positives is important in selecting the right stone for our application. 

Due to its soft nature, soapstone will scratch and it can dent if something as simple as a glass is dropped on it. 

Soapstone does not come in a polished finish, but one stone can have 3 different appearances; natural, oiled and patinaed. Soapstone will naturally patina (darken) over time due to oxidization. It may not always patina evenly naturally, food grade mineral oil can aid in the evenness of the patina when applied every few weeks. Mineral oil can also be applied to give soapstone a sheen and help hide scratches that will occur from use. Soapstone is not porous, so mineral oil, although helpful, will NOT soak into the stone and will need to reapplied every few weeks to maintain the oiled sheen. 

If scratches and a little extra care and maintenance are not something you desire for your application, possibly consider some of our other stone options we offer for your project. 

Soapstone Edges


1/4″ Top & Bottom

Half Bullnose


Full Bullnose

Flat Ogee

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